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> History of the Internet and its Evolution | Wolfgang Kleinwachter (Video)
> Internet Governance – Introduction, History & Principles | Fouad Bajwa (Slides)
> Introduction to I* Organizations | Fahd Batayneh (Slides), Waqas Hassan (Slides)
> Internet and Digital Divide | Tom Chottayil Varghese (Slides)
> IP Addressing System | Ihtisham Khalid (Slides)
> Securing the Internet of Things (IoT) | Naveed Haq (Slides), Zakir Syed (Slides) (Article) (Document) (IOTs Video) (IOT Device Trust Video)
> Cyber Security – The new frontier | Ahmed Bakhat, Muhammad Ismail (Slides)
> Internet Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities | Muhammad Shabbir Awan (Slides)
> Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) | Mubashir Sargana (Slides)
> ICTs as enabler of SDGs | Parvez Iftikhar (Slides)
> Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) | Sarmad Hussain (Slides), Ahmed Bakhat Masood (Slides)
> Digital Landscape of Pakistan | Imad Memon (Slides)
> Digital Financial Inclusion | Shahbaz Nasir (Slides)
> Internet Infrastructure | Naveed Haq (Slides)
> Internet Law and Policies | Nighat Dad (Slides)
> Internet Ecosystem in Pakistan | Maroof Shahani (Slides)
> Fellowships and Grant Opportunities | Waqas Hassan (Slides)

> What Does ICANN Do (Infographic)
> The IANA Functions (Infographic)
> Three Layers Digital Governance (Infographic)
> New gTLDs, IDNs, and its Universal Acceptance | Ahmed Bakhat (Slides)
> Introduction to the Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) and APNIC | Srinivas Chendi (Slides)
> Internet Public Policy | Fouad Bajwa (Slides)
> Universal Service Fund (USF) | Parvez Iftikhar (Slides)